Posted 11 hours ago

Yes puppy, you am smart too. #corgi #glassesonanimals #weknowhowtoparty

Posted 19 hours ago

I just accepted a new contract #masshole

Posted 1 day ago

No trip to the Fort this year. Ask me how I feel about it. Actually don’t. You’re liable to get an ugly cry. #NFF #NewportFolkFest #LifeGotInTheWay #HiBridgeILoveYou

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#NowPlaying #AndrewBird Do you wonder where the self resides//Is it in your head or between your sides

Posted 2 days ago

I bought this book in 5th grade at the Scholastic Book Fair. Read it’s left it in class to be part of “the library” and that was it. 7 years ago of so I had one of those memory flashes that usually results in late night YouTubing of Return to Oz. Only about this book. But not the name or author just that there was a war and a ballerina, possibly something about a wire haired dog that got killed by Nazis (that may have been from Cabaret though?) and I knew a train was on the cover. SEVEN YEARS OF GOOGLE SEARCHES LATER, I stumbled upon it at 4:30am Monday. And thanks to amazonPrime, it is here now. And will probably not be anything like I remember it but by God the Internet finally worked.

Posted 3 days ago

Rough day today. Will be a Rough Tomorrow. Is it August yet? #JulyCanEatIt

Posted 3 days ago

Or maybe they just like the air conditioner and not specifically me. I dunno. I’ll buy their derp-love with ice cubes.

Posted 3 days ago

These two bozos are glad about the #funemployment, anyway. #corgi #goldenretriever #fatlumpsarefat

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… Why… is Bruce Campbell in my wallet…

Posted 4 days ago

#corgi #lonelydog #daddywillberightback #hejustwentoutforcigarettes #verticalblindsfromhell